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Meet Our Ambassadors

Sofia Sandrea

Chief Ambassador

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Mariana Gaytan

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Rachel Winbigler

Rachel Winbigler

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About the Founder

Avni Singh is an Austin High School graduate and entrepreneur who is on a mission to shift the normalcy of online sexual harassment, specifically boys asking girls for nudes and girls feeling pressured to comply. She is also a dancer, a filmmaker, and a Chapstick connoisseur.


From teaching three of her friends in third grade a Bollywood dance for the annual talent show, to building a business that empowers teens to inspire cultural change in their own community, Avni loves adding and hearing new voices in a conversation. Her business, Girl Alliance, reflects this desire, as shes strives to help teen girls assert themselves in the dating world. 


On the lighter side, Avni enjoy making music videos with her cousins, eating tacos, and kayaking. She is currently a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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An Idea is Born


Driving back from the mall one cloudy day in Austin Texas, Avni Singh was describing to her mom the dilemma many of her friends faced when they were sent the dreaded question: send nudes? Some of Avni's friends liked the boy who asked for their nudes, and therefore struggled between possibly losing his interest (by not sending the nude) versus keeping his attention (by sending the nude). Many of her friends didn't know how to decline the request in a witty way and others felt uncomfortable saying no because this is what teen flirting is these days. Asking for nudes as flirting, Avni realized, had become normalized. With the support of WIT, Avni created Girl Alliance to empower and encourage girls to collaborate with one another in order to make educated decisions about boys. 


Since that day, Girl Alliance has grown into a cultural movement inspiring a shift in flirting culture and girl confidence among teens everywhere.  

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The Problems

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Lack of awareness around online sexual harassment among teens

Girls don't know what to say when a boy asks for nudes paired with lack of confidence/community support to say no

Schools lack easy and effective systems to report sexual harassment

Boys (and girls) normalize nude requests as flirting in high school

Girl Alliance Solutions


We are solving these problems by...

1) spreading awareness of online sexual harassment among teens through our sticker campaign, social media, and teen ambassadors,

2) providing an (online and offline) confidence-building community for teens to share personal and receive professional advice on how to deal with online sexual harassment, and

3) developing a one stop experience for teens to report harassment to their school counselor.


Our gofundme helps to run Girl Alliance, expand services, and raise funds for stickers. If you'd like to contribute, click the button below, donate, and share with family and friends!

Our Partners

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Live A Great Story has worked hard to cultivate a community that shares inspirational stories in order to motivate others to live life to the fullest. 

BedPost confessions is a recurring show in Austin that explores sexuality by using humor. 

Girls Empowerment Network strives to prevent low self-esteem in adolescent girls.

Assemble helps strengthen inter-company relationships through effective team building activities. 

A Tribe Called Bruch organizes events in Austin surrounding food and drinks to help bring the Austin community together.

Interested in partnering with us? Get in touch! Click the link above.

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