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SXSW 2019, SXSW EDU 2019

In March of 2019, Girl Alliance had the honor of being presented at SXSW EDU, a national education conference with over 8,000 attendees, and SXSW, a renowned conference with over 75,000 attendees. At SXSW EDU, founder Avni Singh, chief ambassador Sofia Sandrea, and entrepreneur Alexa Curtis described why high school is a breeding ground for sexual harassment and why adult made solutions just don't cut it. Similar to Avni's SXSW session, attendees learned how they have adapted Kathleen Reardon’s Spectrum for Sexual Misconduct framework to high school, how their Girl Alliance ambassadors sparked a cultural shift, and how adults can help unleash the youth voice in fighting sexual harassment and other issues. Thank you SXSW!


We are Girls Conference Session

Avni and chief ambassador Sofia held a workshop for parents at the Girl's Empowerment Network's annual We Are Girls Conference. They facilitated an open dialouge with parents about the good and bad of social media and how it intersects with teen's romantic relationships. They also sold stickers and received donations for their hard work! 

That Time of the Month

Avni, Sofia, and Maddy had a blast at Meghan Ross's live, late night comedy show, That Time of the Month. They discussed everything from Snapchat streaks to the #MeToo Movement to red starbursts! Thanks for inviting us to be part of this special Teen Halloween episode.

Stand up for Safe Families Annual Paddle Parade

Avni and ambassadors Sofia, Gemma, and Sarah Jane attended SAFE's annual Stanf up for Safe Families Paddle Parade in Austin, TX. They shared their stickers and message of girls empowerment with other awesome organizations and families. They wrapped up the evening with some paddle boarding on the beautiful Lake Austin. 

BossBabesATX August Meet Up

Avni and ambassadors Sofia, Melissa, and Skylar had an amazing time spreading their message to the BossBabes community! They loved all the support and are excited to see what opportunities this experience opens up. 

Founder featured on YouthMango

Girl Alliance founder Avni Singh met Ms. Honey Kim from Youth Mango at SXSWedu. YouthMango is building a community of educators to inspire social entrepreneurship among South Korean youth. She's writing a blogpost about Girl Alliance and the impact of teen entrepreneurship in Austin. We are excited and grateful to Ms. Kim for spreading our message to South Korea, and look forward to reading the full article. In the meantime, here's the teaser on YouthMango's Facebook page!

Founder Speaks at SXSWEdu 

On March 6, 2018, Girl Alliance Founder Avni Singh spoke on a panel, "Using Entrepreneurship as a Vehicle to Devlop EQ," with two other Whatever It Takes (WIT) teens and Sarah Hernholm, Founder of WIT. The talk focused on how teen entrepreneurship cultivates not only academic skills, but also nurtures the growth of a young adult's emotional quotient through the development of skills like empathy, communication, and leadership. WIT- Whatever It Takes is a college credit earning entrepreneurship program for teens in the US. Avni has developed Girl Alliance through WIT since September 2017. 

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Founder gives Speaker Toast at A Tribe Called Brunch

On Febuary 25, 2018, Girl Alliance Founder Avni Singh was one of five speakers at the #MeToo Movement event hosted by A Tribe Called Brunch. A Tribe Called Brunch gathers leaders in the Austin community to guide their discussion in a friendly brunch setting. At the event, Avni described some of the (often overlooked) roots of today's sexual harassment culture: lack of girl confidence/community and "send nudes?" requests.   

Avni Singh Girl Alliance tribe pic

Spotlight on Next Gen Summit Website

In January, 2018, Founder of Girl Alliance, Avni Singh, applied for the opportunity to be featured on the Next Gen Summit website. Next Gen Summit is a global community and conference for hundreds of young entrepreneurs held in New York City each year. Avni got this opportunity through WIT- Whatever It Takes, a college credit earning entrepreneurship program for teens in the US. Avni has developed Girl Alliance through WIT since September 2017. 

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