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We are building something awesome...

In Feburary of 2019, Avni began an ambitious new project: building an app that helps teens not only identify the boundaries between sexual harassment and flirting, but respond and take appropriate and empowering next steps. With Girl Alliance's Crush or Creep guide as the base, (that's the beautifully colorful image below), this app will provide much needed transparency and context for the various options teens have to address sexual harassment. An IOS version is in the works to be released in Summer 2019.

Witty comebacks to "send nudes?"

If someone just sent you a "send nudes" request, and you don't know how to respond, try sending them one of these memes. They will get the point.
Dr. Kathleen Reardon's Repertoire of Responses
Titanic meme
Clarice says no!
A different kind of nude
more coming soon!
wity comebacks
Crush or Creep_ Draft 4.png
crush or creep


Our very own Girl Alliance community is a place to give and get advice from other teens. Post a question, respond to someone else's question, or just lurk! We're just glad you're here. 

School support

Your school guidance counselor has been trained to recognize and address sexual harassment. If you think someone might be sexually harassing you, then try talking to your guidance counselor. 
School districts also have a formal way to report sexual harassment if you prefer to go that route. See below for more info.
Austin ISD:

The Austin Independent School District prohibits acts of harassment of any kind, including harassment based on race, color, religion, gender,  gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other conduct prohibited by law, including bullying or harassment carried out via electronic forms of communication (e.g. cyberbullying via social network sites). Should you believe that you have been subjected to harassment based on sex, report the harassment immediately to the 1) Campus administrator or the 2) District’s Title IX Coordinator, Ylise Janssen, 1111 W. Sixth St., Bldg. A Suite A-250, Austin, TX 78703, (512) 414-9812.

Austin ISD encourages students, parents and employees to work together to prevent acts of harassment of any kind by fostering a climate of mutual respect for others. However, if any student or employee is found to have engaged in acts of harassment, he/she will be promptly disciplined. The discipline may include various remedies, up to and including suspension or removal of students and termination of employment of employees.     

(Source: Austin ISD Board Policies DH, DIA, FFH, FFI, FNC)

Eanes ISD

Contact: For concerns regarding discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual harassment or gender-based harassment: Laurie Lee Executive Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator 601 Camp Craft Road Austin, Texas 78746 (512) 732-9010

From the Eanes ISD student handbook

Sexual Harassment and Gender-Based Harassment Sexual harassment and gender-based harassment of a student by an employee, volunteer, or another student are prohibited. Examples of sexual harassment may include, but not be limited to, touching private body parts or coercing physical contact that is sexual in nature; sexual advances; jokes or conversations of a sexual nature; and other sexually motivated conduct, communications, or contact. Sexual harassment of a student by an employee or volunteer does not include necessary or permissible physical contact not reasonably construed as sexual in nature, such as comforting a child with a hug or taking the child’s hand. However, romantic and other inappropriate social relationships, as well as all sexual relationships, between students and district employees are prohibited, even if consensual. Gender-based harassment includes harassment based on a student’s gender, expression by the student of stereotypical characteristics associated with the student’s gender, or the student’s failure to conform to stereotypical behavior related to gender. Examples of gender-based harassment directed against a student, regardless of the student’s or the harasser’s actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, may include, but not be limited to, offensive jokes, name-calling, slurs, or rumors; physical aggression or assault; threatening or intimidating conduct; or other kinds of aggressive conduct such as theft or damage to property.

school support

Professionally-run hotlines

Girl Alliance recommends you visit or call these great organizations if you feel it's appropriate.
National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
National Sexual Assault Chat:
That's Not Cool:
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