May 3, 2018

Ambassador Power Brunch



WOW!!! Our first ambassador brunch was incredible.


Dear Girl Alliance Ambassadors: I loved seeing your passion for change, your feedback, and your eagerness to make friends and join our mission. I am so excited you are excited!


To my inspiring mentors, Zach Horvath (founder of and Reagan Pugh (founder of Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words and eagerness to see us make an impact. Your support is so encouraging and much appreciated.


I also want to give a special shoutout to Sofia Sandrea, our creative and confident chief ambassador, for being an amazing help in preparing our brunch. I could not have done it without you, Sofia! Thanks also Fixe for being such generous hosts, and Sofia Martinez ( for the awesome pics!


Your friend,



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New Posts
  • Hi everyone!! Our voice is spreading! On the last week of school, our Austin High School ambassadors made the rounds with me to present and discuss Girl Alliance to our peers. We explained what inspired us to tackle online sexual harassment, handed out some stickers, and answered questions for our excited friends listening. SO PROUD of all the girls who had the courage to stand up there with me and show their support for our mission. I think we all felt energized seeing what a positive reaction we got from our audience and we are so excited to start sharing our enthusiasm. Take a look at these pics from our presentations and the results!
  • This is a place for teen girls to pose questions and get advice from other girls who think they might be experiencing sexual harassment.
  • SO PUMPED I had the opportunity to tour Bumble's Headquarters (known as the BeeHive) last month. We loved hearing about the company's incredible journey and empowering message that "relationships should begin with respect and equality." I think it's time for us teens to pick up on that message. Their office truly had a female empowering atmosphere and everyone seemed so excited to be there. This place had daily chef-cooked meals, a dressing room, and bright pillows everywhere. I'd never seen anything like it but I have definitely discovered the kind of office I'd like to work at! :) Your friend, Avni
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